Why Students Buy Essays

Attending college or university is an amazing life experience, but it is also one of the most stressful times in a young person’s life. The jump from high school to higher education is a big one and many students find themselves unprepared which leads them to becoming overwhelmed by the workload that is expected of them. It becomes very easy to fall behind on assignments and essays. That’s why services like Essay Typer, Write My Essays or Essay Writer are now offering to sell assignments to students who are otherwise unable to complete them. Let’s take a closer looks at some of the reasons why students choose to use a tutor website instead of writing essays by themselves!

Five Reasons Why Students Buy Essays

There are a wide number of reasons why a student might choose to buy an essay instead of writing it by themselves. These range from struggling with their workload to just being plain lazy when it comes to completing their homework! Every student has their own reasons and it would be impossible to list all of them, but we have gathered together Five of the most popular reasons why students buy essays.

1. Time Is Not On Their Side
Perhaps the most common reason for students to buy essays is that they have run out of time. There is nothing quite like the feeling of panic when you realise that you have a deadline in a few days and you have not even started the assignment! It could be that you simply forgot about it, or it could be that you have just had a lot of things on your mind. Essay writing services can handle quick turn around times and could supply an essay in a matter of hours!

2. They Are Struggling to Juggle Their Priorities
Another reason that links into the whole lack of time issue is that students can often struggle with juggling their priorities! In an ideal world, classes and assignments would always be the top priority. However, we all know that going to college is also about socializing. It is totally normal for students to blow off assignments to attend a party on campus only to regret that decision when faced with an all night study session! Aside from that, many students are also juggling several different classes and maybe even a part time job. With all these things on their mind it is easy for the odd assignment to slip through the cracks. Buying an essay is an easy way to tackle these situations.

3. They Do Not Understand The Assignment or Are Unfamiliar With The Format
Sometimes, students find themselves faced with an assignment that they are just not able to wrap their head around no matter how many times their tutor explains it to them. At other times, students find themselves faced with a style of essay that they have never seen before. In these situations, buying an essay can allow the student to see first hand how they should approach such an assignment. Many students will purchase an essay and treat it like a first draft or a template in order to rewrite a version of their own. This also helps when you just need a bit of a kick start to get the essay started.

4. They Need a Specific Grade
Sometimes, students find themselves in a situation where they need a specific grade to pass a class and they may be concerned that they will not be able to achieve that grade. In this situation, some students choose to buy an essay. This is because reputable essay writing services use professional writers who have a wealth of experience in academic writing. These writers can produce a higher quality of work than a student who is struggling, thus giving them more chance of attaining that passing grade!

5. They Have Several Assignments Due At Once
At certain times of the year students find themselves faced with several assignments from various different classes. It can be tough to find the time to do each of them justice when they are all due around the same time. This is why some students will buy essays for some of the less important classes so that it frees up their time to focus on the bigger, more important essays and projects.

These are just a few of the reasons why students will sometimes choose to buy essays instead of doing the work themselves. As you can see, the reasons are varied and will differ from one person to the next. However, at their root, they all have one thing in common – buying essays can save students time, stress and effort!


  1. Stephanie Faris

    I’m a freelance writer and I’ve been approached several times to write essays for students. I always turn them down. But once, a person who had hired me to do businessy stuff asked me to write a history essay. I had no idea what it was when I agreed and once I got into it, I realized with all the requirements for citations and such, it was very obviously a school assignment. And it was HARD!!! So two reasons not to do these assignments: 1) Students need to be doing them themselves and 2) There are about 1,000 easier things to write.

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