How to Keep Your Cyber Business Secure


Hackers and criminals are getting bolder now when it comes to hacking small businesses because they knew they have limited security and resources. The good thing is there are tips that small online businesses can do to avoid cyber hacking.

Set rules for everyone

Make sure that every employee are aware of your set cyber security rules like handling sensitive information. Education is important here and it is a must that every employees are aware of the importance of cyber security. Let them assess the risk they are causing if they fail to protect their own security profile.

Always update your server

If you are using a software to run your server, make sure they are always up to date. Do not leave any program hanging knowing there is an update available. Old programs are easier to hack. Secure your servers by putting passwords that hard to hack. If possible, control access especially to main servers. Limit the allowed access to high ranking employees only to avoid risk of being hacked.

Protect your server

There are a lot of antivirus programs out there that you can get use to protect your server. Check reviews and make sure to get one. Do not use free protection programs because they might prove vulnerable to attacks. Check each available security program and identify their strengths before getting one. If possible, always back up your server especially the data that you have. Do your back-up regularly and make assessments regularly including on the software you are using and the people working with you.

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