Making Your Resume Stand Out from Others


Your resume is definitely just a piece of paper that contains your entire skill and talent and education but holds your future, your job and career. Do not let this one important thing keep you from getting your dream job because you decided to make a resume just like the others. Remember these tips to make your resume a better one.

Make it simple

When we say simple, I am not referring to the content but rather the physical look of your resume. Use a professional font and color for the text. Do not make it too big to fill the page and do not use rainbow colors to make it attractive. Use a regular Times New Roman for your font on black with a size of 12. Keep the spaces neat, not too wide, not too small.

Make it readable

If you are a fresh graduate, you basically don’t have much experience and the interviewer understands that. Do not add extracurricular activities that are not relevant to the application you are applying for. Highlight activities that can increase your chance of getting hired because it is relevant to the position you are applying for. Highlight those skills that you have which they are looking for on a candidate.

Keep it real

Do not lie on your resume. Do not add anything that will make you a better candidate when in fact you cannot do it. A good interviewer have a keen eye thus they knew when an applicant is just making things up. Do not sabotage your chance for a great opportunity because you want to impress. Make it simple and real and your resume will get a better chance of being picked up and be reviewed.

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